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So yet again, I forget Newgrounds. Maybe I'll just post my flash stuff here? Ive been really redicoving how amazing flash is as a medium...

Hello All! I am Mars714, I have a Daviant Art, Fur Affinity, Smack Jeeves & YouTube account under the same name. I also have a YouTube under "People Living In My Head That is where I first post the series, People Living in my Head. But I also post it as a flash on dA & FA. So, I will also post it here now, because this place is roll'n in flash cartoons! 


Also I'm looking for musicians for People Living in my Head... Let me know if I can use your music!

Okay, I am an animator, (rookie level) (here is a low quality example-ignore the question asked) and I have a great idea for an animation... with music... incredible music. My bother plays both guitar & piano, but says I must pay him before he lets me record ONE second. That being said I can't pay, unless the video on Youtube, (since I can't do flash, thats were it will be posted) gets enough hits to earn cash, in that case I'll gladly share. Now...

The idea is brilliant, (I feel) the setting is an alternate time line, (with furries instead of people) during electricity's early days. The animation will start out as black & white line art, but under electric lights the characters will have color outlines, and when the music starts up the whole world will become color. It will be called, "The Reinvention of Music" Also, the main character struggles to give his young above average intelligence sister a chance to succeed.

If anyone would like to help in any way, please talk to me. (if I don't reply here try my Youtube or Deviant Art )

As you may have heard, NNAF (or now the NAF) is having a call for entries. I would like someone to allow me to use there music for my entry. IF I win, you will receive some of the prize money, and I will recommend for your music to be used in other animations. If I do not win, You will receive nothing, but know that your name, (real or user name if you choose) will appear in the credits, and may be seen on TV. (may meaning, only if my animation is on TV of course)

Here are the Prizes for this years NAF:

The Grand Jury Prize: $10,000.00 If I win this you will receive $1,000.00

The Producers Choice Prize: $5,000.00 If I win this you will receive $500.00

Student Award Prize: $2,000.00 I will not be entering this category.

Viewer's Choice Prize: $5,000.00 If I win this you will receive $500.00

If I ever wish to use this animation again, I will need your permission. Please not I am a beginner animator and do not have any budget for this animation. Thus it may not be of professional quality.

I need more music under two min for a deviant art project. Why under two min? Cause my converter is a demo and stuff. Here is one done already:


Yes, they Will have the logo and me saying "This has been a craptasic cartoon by: mars714" at the end. Also I need to practice so I'm going to start taking requests for animations. If you want one longer then two min, you have 2 options, one: except that fact that it can only be seen start to finish on YouTube and is split in sections everywhere else. OR two: wait an undetermined time until I can afford to buy the full converter.


2008-08-23 23:33:59 by mars714

go! I got a forum for my site, I fond the domain by going to uh, here!
AWESOME!!!!!! Please join... I'm so lonely... 0_o Uh... I made this place for better communication on my site! And because I am lonely.


New animation in the works

2008-08-23 08:20:36 by mars714

since more people comment here then at deviantart or, I deiced to let you all know of my next animation, a Nyaasu (meowth) animation. uh, that's it.... sXOk

that's the storyboard version.

voice actors needed!

2008-06-20 11:31:58 by mars714

I am currently looking for some voice actors to play the following parts (in my new online toon):

Detective Kitty-star always mistaken for a boy, even though she has pink fur, ... witch doesn't matter anyway seeing as all the other characters are color blind, expect Detective Kitten. (female),

Merka-was in the first comic posted on this site. (male),

Detective Kat's Ghost-not visible to whoever wares his hat, namely Detective Kitty. His mission in afterlife is to get his hat back... (male),

Detective Kitten-sidekick always mistaken for a girl, even though he has brown fur, ... witch doesn't matter anyway seeing as all the other characters are color blind, expect Detective Kitty. (male),

Chewayway-boss ... (still developing character) (male),

Doodlez-trusted client and a very strange furry... has no control over what he blurts out, Detective Kitty has a crush on him... as the plot unfolds you may guess one other thing about him... (male)

Unlike my other projects, this one will be done! I mean it! really,

/* */
See, well, that's just the trailer! The finished toon will be like a real Tv cartoon, two about 15 min episodes, It will even have an opening theme song, /142921 I haven't made the opening vid yet, but I spent one and a half hours choreographing it, so... yeah...

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The song is Dimrain47's Through the Gates
I am getting better, and I hope my new animations will look more like this (below)
That's Detective Kitty, done with my new tablet.

Animation, (made a bit ago actually...)

Musicians Needed!

2008-05-03 00:28:26 by mars714

Okay, I'm still not a good enough musician to do the music for my own cartoon in the works, I was hoping for my favorite artist Dimrain47 to allow me to use his works, but he never replied... Anyway, there is no pay, but who knows where this will lead. All I know is in order to do the video, you must first do the audio, and since I FINALLY got a voice actor (not counting myself) this dream may become true! I will include name of artist and song in credits, and could put links up for when I post it on You Tube. However, I will be posting a copy on my own web site, or as I call it, me webbie! (bad grammar I know...) Here is me webbie: Plushie Power comics Now, if your still reading, the cartoon is about 10 magical hats and a team of six humans who have each found a hat. The cartoon is PG 13 for language and random nonsense that will rot your brain. Possible adult themes, the scrip is still being written, but I don't think it will have any. (Since my co writer is a horror writer, so I kind of think that's not going to happen) Anyhow, I'm not a very good cartoonist, I'm still learning you can see some of my work here It's a bit off in lip sync, but other wise I'm quite proud of it. So if you'd like more information, just message me, but I think I've said every thing. Kay, see ya!